Hughes Travel Ridgetown

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Travel With Us

Includes all trips where we accompany the travelers.

See "Trip Information" above for more details.

Other Trips

Includes all trips that are offered by other groups or organizations (see "Agents For").  These are trips that may be booked through Hughes Travel .  However, we do not accompany our clients on these.

 Day Trips

We currently organize day trips for two local Seniors' Centres, Ridgetown and Morpeth. These trips are sold through the centres. Members have priority and generally receive a discount on the cost of the trip. Occasionally, a trip will not be full and will be opened up to the public. We will also occasionally run a day trip that is not sponsored by one of the centres.
We also accompany one or two much larger trips each year - see "Travel With Us" above.
We are agents for various other companies which organize escorted bus trips, guided tours, cruises and other travel packages.  

Please contact the centres directly for information on their trips:

Ridgetown and Area Adult Activity Centre:

Contact: Tracey Rose

Phone: (519) 674-5126


Membership: $32.00 per year

Day Trips: 9-11 per year

Please note:  All of our day trips use the services of Badder Bus Service.

Morpeth Heritage Club:

Contact: George Prins (trip coordinator)

Phone: (519) 676-8950


Alternate Contact: Bill Mardling

Phone: (519) 674-1624


Membership: $20.00 per year

Day Trips: 6-8 per year