Newfoundland and Labrador July 2017 Newfoundland and Labrador July 2017 Our group of 13 plus James Saunders 204394529 First look at Newfoundland (from the air) 204394530 Jellyfish at Frenchman's Cove 204394531 Lighthouse at Lobster Head Cove 204394532 Scalloped skies at Gros Morne park 204394533 Randy on rock at Broom Point 204394534 Seashore at Broom Point (from rock) 204394535 Iceberg from ferry to Labrador 204394537 Iceberg from Labrador coast 204394538 400-year-old dory at Red Bay, Labrador 204394539 Dolphins at L'Ance Lamour, Labrador 204394540 Lighthouse at L'Ance Lamour, Labrador 204394541 Whales at L'Ance Lamour, Labrador 204394542 Lynda with sculpture at L'Ance Aux Meadows 204394543 Rebuilt Viking dwelling at L'Ance Aux Meadows 204394544 Moose at L'Ance Aux Meadows 204394643 Arches Provincial Park 204394644 Arches Provincial Park 204394645 Sunset at Rocky Harbour, Gros Morne Park 204394646 Salmon at Salmondid, Grand Falls 204394647 View at Salmondid, Grand Falls 204394648 Prime Berth Museum, Twillingate 204394649 Whale skeleton at Prime Berth Museum, Twillingate 204394650 View at Long Point Lighthouse, Twillingate 204394651 Terra Nova National Park 204394652 View of Bonavista harbour from Ryan Premises 204394672 Fish drying rack at Ryan Premises, Bonnavista 204394673 Puffins at Cape Bonnavista 204394674 Silver fox cub at Cape Bonnavista 204394675 Silver fox cubs at Cape Bonnavista 204394676 St. Pauls Anglican Chruch at Trinity 204394677 Whale at Bay Bulls 204394682 Common Mures and Kittiwakes at Witless Bay Island Reserve 204395501 Puffins at Witless Bay Island Reserve 204395502 Puffin at Witless Bay Island Reserve 204395503 Common Mures at Witless Bay Island Reserve 204395504 Lighthouse at Cape Spear 204395505 View of Saint John's harbour from Signal Hill 204395506 Tower at Signal Hill, Saint John's 204395507 Saint John's harbour 204395576 Quidi Vidi habour 204395577 Quidi Vidi harbour entrance 204395578 Saint John's street scene 204395579 Saint Johns harbour from The Rooms museum 204395580