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Laws Travelers Should Know About

Posted by HughesTravel on July 2, 2014 at 1:45 PM


Don't stop for pedestrians in Beijing: It's illegal for cars to stop for pedestrians in Beijing, China. If you do, you'll risk a fine. This law is something pedestrians should be aware of as well, especially if they're thinking about jaywalking.

Feeding the pigeons in Venice: No feeding the birds! It's illegal to feed pigeons in St. Mark's Square in Venice. Tourists will be fined if caught.

No spitting in Vancouver: It's illegal to spit on the streets in Vancouver. Persons caught doing so will be fined between $100 and $2,000.

Chewing gum in Singapore: Chewing gum has long been banned in Singapore, as the country fights to keep its streets clean. The penalty for being caught chewing gum is a fine.

No kissing in Dubai: It's illegal to kiss, hold hands or hug in public in Dubai. Guests caught canoodling will be arrested and can be sentenced to jail time. In Dubai, it is also illegal to drink outside your hotel, to take photographs of the locals without asking permission and to share a hotel room with someone of the opposite sex to whom you're not married.

Eating on the steps of an Italian church: The steps of a church in Florence may not be the best place to enjoy lunch. It's illegal to sit on church steps in Florence and is also illegal to eat in the vicinity of a church or government building.

No sinus inhalers in Japan: Sinus and allergy inhalers containing pseudoephedrine are illegal in Japan, which has strict anti-drug laws. Travellers risk being detained at the airport and being fined.

No female drivers in Saudi Arabia: In Saudi Arabia, it's illegal for women to get behind the wheel and drive. Women who do risk being arrested.

No swearing in Australia: In 2011, the Australian states of Victoria and Queensland outlawed swearing in public. If you're caught using profanities, you risk a fine of several hundred dollars.

No heels allowed at Grecian monuments: To protect their ancient monuments from damage, officials in Greece have declared high heels illegal to wear during tours.


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