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Favourite Trips of the Past

Posted by HughesTravel on April 24, 2014 at 8:15 PM


People often ask Lynda and I what was the best trip we have ever had. My typical answer is, "The next one." That is because places are so different. I loved the area around the Grand Canyon, New Orleans, Switzerland and Iceland. They are all great but how does one compare going to the top of the Keine Matterhorn in Switzerland to going to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and cruising on the Colorado River. They are both great experiences but very different. It gets even harder when one has to compare the great natural experience of the Keine Matterhorn to the wonderful, very human experience of New Orleans,

That said, I really do have favourite trips. Lynda and I both agree on these - at least the top three. We haven't tried beyond that. Number one was our trip to Africa. The great scenery and wonderful people that are found in South Africa, the sheer magnificence and power of Victoria Falls and the wonderful experiences with animals on safari in Kenya were all highlights. Wow! Number two is our trip on a luxury freighter from Tahiti, through the Tuamotu Archipelago to the Marquesas Islands and back. The unspoiled beauty, the remoteness of the area and the friendliness of the people all contributed to the charm. This is the only place that one can go swimming, with his wallet left on the beach and be assured that it will remain untouched. Third was our trip to Australia and New Zealand. Here we had the vast diversity of Australia, the beauty of New Zealand and the interesting animals. I felt the spirituality of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and experienced the joy of a jet boat ride on the Dart River (Lord of the Rings tour) at 80 kilometers per hour in 2 feet of water. Four (for me) was either India or the eco tour of Costa Rica or Hawaii – OK it starts to get hard now. I think that it’s my “next trip”.

Interestingly, most of my favourite individual experiences have to do with animals. Some of these are: being licked by a full-grown cheetah in Zimbabwe, walking with 18-month old lions - also in Zimbabwe, holding a koala in Australia and the numerous close encounters with animals in the wild (cheetahs, lions, elephants, giraffe, white and black rhinos, hippos, etc. – all in Africa, plus a tiger in India). Other great experiences include flying in a 1939 Waco biplane over Ottawa, climbing to the top of a mountain pass at Moraine Lake in Alberta, going to the top of the Keine Matterhorn, standing next to 2,700 degree molten lava on a lava walk in Hawaii and flying over most of the length of Grand Canyon at 400 feet in a small (6 passenger) plane.

Food can be interesting too. I’ve eaten a lot of raw fish, oysters and scallops, raw reindeer. I’ve eaten whale, puffin, antelope, ostrich, reindeer, elk, bison, water buffalo, etc. I’ve also had octopus cooked in its own ink, boar’s testicles, live ants, several kinds of cooked insects and deep fried worms. Oh yes, there were a few things that I ate with no idea what they were.

I love Canada and have had great experiences both here and in the USA. However, I love the culture and history of Europe, the animals of Africa and the beauty of the South Pacific. I just love to travel.


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